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About us

The best quality, hand in hand with environmental and social solidity

Mil Alas Spirits is a company that produces spirits of the highest quality from fine cocoa with a perfectly produced aroma, since it is the key to obtaining the aromas and flavors. In addition, the company integrates solid principles of social and environmental compliance into its production philosophy. To achieve the best quality requires knowledge and discipline, but environmental and social factors also play a role. The more balanced the ecosystem where cocoa grows is, the better aromas result in the cocoa beans and therefore in the liquors we make. The creation of agricultural and non-agricultural jobs for men and women contribute to local and regional development, so each bottle you buy helps us provide decent employment to many people.

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Our Story

We planted our first fine and aroma cocoa plants in 2017, with the idea of ​​producing a crop that was profitable, respectful of the environment, and that would allow us to transform it to generate agricultural and non-agricultural jobs for men and women. In 2018 the plants began to bear fruit and for this reason at the beginning of 2019 we began our journey to the knowledge of cocoa and chocolate tasting to ensure the best quality of cocoa that would translate into the best liquor, which has become the darling of many people.

At the end of 2019, the first batch of Mil Alas went on sale, which quickly sold through social networks and from then on, we have been growing and complementing our portfolio and activities around the brand, such as tastings and pairings with chocolates, collaborations with restaurants and other producers and professionals.

2022 is a particularly important year for us because we launched our Single State, Mil Alas Nocturne and competed for the first time in the prestigious International Chocolate Awards, with the idea of ​​obtaining professional feedback and starting the steps to export our products. We won a Gold Award, making Mil Alas the best alcoholic beverage made of cacao or chocolate in the World, and a Special Mention, since it is a product industrialized in the country of origin of the cocoa beans, Guatemala.

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